Changes to Post-Study Work Rights on 26 November 2018

Changes to Post-Study Work Rights on 26 November 2018

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As has been repeatedly signalled since June 2018, the Government has now issued new immigration instructions regarding Post-Study Work Visas. These take effect from 26 November 2018. You can read the full announcement and get the details here (please note that some of this information was already published in August 2018):

We also know that the fee for a Post-Study Work visa will now be NZD$495.00:

The new instructions also suggest (although this has yet to be clarified) that those who wish to extend their existing Post-Study Open Work Visa for a further two years will need to lodge a new application for a Post-Study Work visa, which will cost NZD$495.00.

Those applying for Post-Study Work visas still have to show that they have NZZD$4,200.00 to support themselves. It is unclear whether this requirement will apply to those who are applying for the two year extension.

Those who hold existing Post-Study Employer Assisted Work visas will be able to apply for a Variation of Conditions to have their employer/location/occupation conditions removed (therefore turning it into an Open Work visa).

Regarding the fees for Partnership Work Visas (including those for Partners of Students or Post-Study Open Work Visa holders), the updated fee information lists the cost as NZD$635.00. To the best of our knowledge, Partnership forms remain the same.

If you are unsure if or how you will be affected, please contact us for an appointment.